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Keeping a healthy lifestyle are often just as important as any medicine you can take. If you exercise often, eat right, maintain a healthy weight, limit alcohol, and avoid smoking, you are less likely to develop all sorts of health problems than people who do not have these habits. With the general health topic, you’ll find news and information about everyday health issues, along with latest recommendations and tips.

Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) among German students—A longitudinal approach

Journals | PLOS

December 15

The present study aimed to investigate Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) in a German student sample over a period of one year. While mean FAD level did not increase during the investigation period, a significant increase was shown in the number of participants reaching the critical cutoff score. FAD was significantly positively related to the personality trait narcissism and to negative mental health variables (depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms). Furthermore, FAD fully mediated the significant positive relationship between narcissism and stress symptoms, which demonstrates that narcissistic people can be specifically at risk to develop FAD. Present results give a first overview... Read More

Aging Well: Why Stubborn People Live Longer


December 14

It seems that everyone is on a quest to live longer. In fact, every healthy habit, like not eating fries for every meal, is rooted in the desire to keep our hearts and bodies running smoothly. But a new study suggests that outliving, well, everyone else, could be in our minds. Related: Alzheimer’s Symptoms Worsened by Canola Oil—and It Could Cause Onset of Dementia, Scientists Warn Researchers from the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy and the University of California San Diego teamed up to study residents in nine villages located in southern Italy who lived to be more than... Read More

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