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Video Game Addiction: Pressing Pause and Preventing Its Onset

  • Video Game Addiction: When Does Gaming Become a Problem?

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  • 1
    Here's How Video Gaming Can Become a Disorder
  • 2
    How the "Reward System" of Video Games Make Them Addicting
  • 3
    Gaming Doesn't Start as an Addiction...Here Are the Signs It's Becoming One
  • 4
    This Simple At-Home Strategy Can Help Prevent Gaming Addiction
  • 5
    How to Prepare to See a Professional for Gaming Disorder
  • 6
    How to Spot the 9 Clinical Traits of Gaming Disorder
  • 7
    How to Treat Addictive Behavior When It Comes to Video Games
  • 8
    How to Tell If Your Child Is Recovering From Video Game Addiction
  • 9
    Fortnite: Why It's so Addictive & How to Combat It

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Video games like Fortnite are more accessible than ever. And one in 10 kids are estimated to show signs of video game addiction. So we sat down with Dr. Judith Joseph to discuss everything you need to know about this condition. Dr. Joseph walks through how gaming goes from a hobby to a disorder, how the reward system of video games can be so addictive, and how to spot the warning signs of video game addiction. She ends the series by providing simple at-home strategies for preventing it, how to seek treatment for it, and how to tell if a loved one is recovering from video game addiction. This series will not only help those facing video game addiction, but will also go a long way in helping prevent gaming from becoming an addiction in the first place.


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