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Understanding the Anxious Self

  • Anxiety 101: How to Recognize If It's Interfering With Daily Life

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  • 1
    Anxiety Disorders Are Different From "Normal" Anxiety. Here's How
  • 2
    These Are the Causes of Each Type of Anxiety
  • 3
    How to Spot the Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder
  • 4
    Anxiety Self-Help Strategies & Treatments Everyone Should Know
  • 5
    Effective Ways to Help A Loved One Cope With Anxiety
  • 6
    How to Spot & Manage a Panic Attack
  • 7
    Live Therapy Session: Does Kyle Have Social Anxiety?

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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health condition in the U.S., affecting a whopping 40 million adults every year. Yet only one-third of people who suffer from this highly-treatable condition actually receive treatment at all. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula has seen thousands of patients with the disorder. In this series, she uses that hands-on expertise to teach you what "normal" vs. "unhealthy" anxiety looks like, how to support a loved one suffering from the disorder, and how to decide what treatment is right for you. She even takes Kyle through a live therapy session to determine whether he has social anxiety disorder.


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