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Personality Disorders & Relationships

  • Personality Disorders & Why The Effect on Relationships is So Complex

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  • 1
    Here's How Narcissistic Parents Affect Their Children
  • 2
    Are You Dating a Psychopath? How to Spot the Signs
  • 3
    Obsession & Relationships: How to Stop Fixating on Someone
  • 4
    How to Stop Getting Jealous (& Why We Do in the First Place)
  • 5
    How to Cope With a Spouse or Partner Who Has a Bad Temper
  • 6
    Can You Be Too Sexually Attracted to Someone?

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Personality disorders, by definition, impede someone's ability to harbor healthy relationships. And almost 15% of Americans, or 30.8 million adults, meet the diagnostic criteria for at least one personality disorder, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). So it's more important than ever to understand how different personality disorders affect familial and romantic relationships. Dr. Seth Meyers has treated personality disorders firsthand. In this series, he leverages that expertise to help you navigate complex relationships with complex personality disorders.


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