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Overcoming Geriatric Depression & Aging Gracefully

  • Geriatric Depression: Overcoming It and Aging Gracefully

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  • 1
    How Depression in Older Adults Is More Than Just “Normal Aging”
  • 2
    Can Medication Cause Geriatric Depression? (& Other Causes)
  • 3
    How to Spot the Warning Signs of Geriatric Depression
  • 4
    How to Ensure the Right Diagnosis for Your Elderly Loved One
  • 5
    Geriatric Depression: How to Conquer the Unique Challenges of Treatment & Medication
  • 6
    This Is the Key to Supporting Your Elderly Loved One With Depression

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Aging is natural. Feeling depressed as you age is not. Even so, the signs of depression in older adults are often chalked up to the typical signs of getting older. Many elderly people don’t want to admit depressive symptoms, so loved ones and even doctors fail to spot or diagnose the condition. And left untreated, it majorly increases the likelihood for dementia and increases mortality rate by almost 25%. So what can you do? Get educated, which is where this series comes in. In this series, Dr. Domenick Sportelli breaks down what the typical aging process should look like, how to spot the warning signs of geriatric depression, the unique causes of depression in older age, how to get the right diagnosis & treatment, and how to manage wellness in the long-term. Geriatric depression treatment boasts a 75% rate of full recovery. So with the right education, mental wellness is possible. Watch this series to reap all the educational benefits.


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