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Overcoming Childhood Trauma & Committing to Mental Wellness

  • Overcoming Childhood Trauma & Committing to Mental Wellness

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  • 1
    Childhood Trauma: How Jake Coped with Family Mental Health Struggles
  • 2
    How Jake Worked Through Suicidal Thinking & Depression
  • 3
    How Jake Navigated an Ineffective Mental Health Care System
  • 4
    Jake's 5 Key Strategies to Maintaining Mental Health
  • 5
    How the Nonprofit NoStigmas is Improving Mental Health Support
  • 6
    How Jacob Moore Finds Purpose & Maintains Mental Wellness

Jacob Moore is a suicide awareness speaker, a mental health advocate, and the founder of the nonprofit organization NoStigmas. He leads his mental health organization from a place of experience. He’s faced childhood trauma and overcome many mental health obstacles. Now, he teaches others how to manage their own mental health struggles. He shares his story in this enlightening Spotlight Series.

Growing up, Jake was plagued with the memory of his father’s addiction and eventual suicide. He soon faced his own mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thinking. With the right support from his loved ones, Jake emerged on the other side of these struggles with a newfound understanding of his father’s plight - and a newfound resilience. he details this breakthrough in Session 2.

Jake hasn’t always been as mentally healthy as he is today. As a teenager, he tried to navigate a flawed mental health care system in order to take control of his own mental health. In fact, he was put on over 30 medications over the course of 10 years. After facing multiple misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments, he has found the therapies and interventions that work for him. He walks us through this experience in Session 3.

When it comes to maintaining his mental health, Jake has a tried-and-true strategy. He calls it his five bridges of mental wellness. In Session 4, Jake explains each bridge, and how you can use the methodology to improve your mental health and your life.

Who better to lead a mental health organization than someone like Jake, who has successfully managed a multitude of mental health struggles? His nonprofit NoStigmas has cultivated the go-to peer support community for mental health. In doing so, they are driving a positive shift in how people talk about mental health and are creating a world with just that - no stigmas. Jake highlights the benefits of NoStigmas in Session 5.

Just because Jake has overcome multiple mental health obstacles and has dedicated his life to mental health awareness and education, it doesn’t mean his own mental health journey is over. He continues to monitor his mental health and practice lifestyle habits that keep him mentally healthy. He shares his strategies for living an optimal life in our final session.


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