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OCPD: Co-Existing with the Perfectionist and Coping with Control

  • Do You Know a Perfectionist? This Is the Most Common Personality Disorder

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  • 1
    OCPD 101: Why It’s an Issue & How It’s Different From OCD
  • 2
    The Causes of OCPD: Who Is Most At Risk?
  • 3
    The Unique Signs of OCPD & How to Spot Them
  • 4
    The 8 Characteristics of OCPD, According to the DSM
  • 5
    Testing for OCPD & How to Convince Someone to See a Doctor
  • 6
    OCPD Treatment: The Ins & Outs You Should Know
  • 7
    Improving with OCPD: What Long-Term Management Looks Like

Dr. Ramani DurvasulaLink forward arrow

Have you ever heard the expression, “that’s so OCD”? According to Dr. Ramani Durvasula, the personality disorder OCPD (obsessive-compulsive personality disorder) is the condition people are actually but unknowingly referring to when they use this phrase. OCPD is the most common personality disorder, yet most people either mistake it for the more commonly-known condition OCD, or don’t realize it’s a disorder at all. In this enlightening series, Dr. Ramani breaks down how OCPD is different than OCD, how to spot its unique symptoms, how to convince someone showing those signs to go see a professional, and how to pursue short- and long-term treatment. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies on how to be the best supporter possible to someone with OCPD.


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