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Navigating the Ambiguity of ADHD

  • ADHD 101: How to Navigate Its Complexity

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  • 1
    How is ADHD Different from "Normal" Lack of Attention?
  • 2
    What Actually Causes ADHD
  • 3
    How to Effectively Spot the Symptoms of ADHD
  • 4
    How to Accurately Test for ADHD (& Avoid Misdiagnosis)
  • 5
    How ADHD Treatment Should & Should NOT Look For Your Child
  • 6
    How to Best Help a Child With ADHD Succeed
  • 7
    How to Help a Teen With ADHD Manage Emotions

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35% percent of teenagers with ADHD eventually drop out of school. A child with untreated ADHD is more likely to abuse an illegal substance later in life. And less than 20% of adults seek help for ADHD. There's no question how important early intervention is with this disorder - which is where education comes in. Dr. Domenick Sportelli has diagnosed & treated ADHD in all stages of life, so has seen first-hand the many different ways it can manifest in children, teenagers, and adults. In this series, he gives you the tools to identify those signs, avoid a misdiagnosis, find treatment, and identify whether a treatment is working. He even explains how to help a teenager balance ADHD symptoms with the emotional turbulence of puberty.


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