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Narcissism: The Secondhand Smoke of Mental Health

  • Why Narcissism is the "Secondhand Smoke" of Mental Health

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  • 1
    Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) vs. Self-Confidence 101
  • 2
    Are Narcissists Born or Made? Causes of the Disorder & More
  • 3
    The 7 Signs of Narcissism & How to Spot Them
  • 4
    Narcissistic Abuse: How to Spot It & Cope With It
  • 5
    Can Narcissism Be Treated?
  • 6
    Live Therapy Session: Is Kyle a Narcissist?

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Narcissism is one of the most difficult disorders to understand to date. And it's just as pervasive as it is perplexing - a recent study suggests that 1 in every 16 Americans has been affected by someone with narcissistic personality disorder at some point in their lives. In this series, Dr. Ramani debunks the disorder she describes as "the secondhand smoke of mental health." You'll walk away with tangible takeaways for identifying narcissism in plain sight, how to cope with narcissistic abuse, and whether NPD can be treated. You'll even get exclusive access to a live therapy session in which Dr. Ramani determines whether Kyle has narcissistic personality disorder.


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