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Ketamine: An In-Depth Look at the Modern Mental Health Treatment

  • Ketamine: An In-Depth Look at the Modern Mental Health Treatment

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  • 1
    Why Ketamine Is More than a “Street Drug” & How It Works for Mental Health
  • 2
    What Ketamine Treats, How It’s Administered, & What Happens in the Brain
  • 3
    What to Expect During & After a Ketamine Treatment
  • 4
    Ketamine Side Effects & Red Flags in a Ketamine Provider
  • 5
    How to Find Ketamine Treatment (Steps + Costs)

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Ketamine is an effective mental health treatment, but it’s not for everyone. So we sat down with leading psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli to break down everything you need to know about the medication.

A little background: ketamine was approved by the FDA in the 1970s. While it’s been used for decades in hospitals during surgical procedures, ketamine is now being administered for treatment resistant depression, extreme anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain. Is this safe? And who is the perfect candidate for ketamine treatment?

Additionally, there are many misconceptions when it comes to ketamine and how it fits into the landscape of mental health treatment. In Session 1, Dr. Dom clarifies how ketamine is used, the different types of ketamine, and what you need to know about ketamine for mental health versus its more traditional uses in a hospital setting.

Ketamine treatment certainly sounds promising. However, there are many uses for ketamine - and not everyone is a candidate. Dr. Dom explains what is happening in the brain when someone receives ketamine, the different ways ketamine can be administered, and when you should even consider this treatment in the first place in Session 2.

Once you determine you or your loved one is a candidate for ketamine treatment, what should you expect? Many patients report having feelings of dissociation, an out of body experience, and anxiety during their ketamine treatment. And those are just SOME of the symptoms people report. Dr. Dom explains how you should expect to feel during and after treatment, and how effective ketamine treatment is in the short- and long-term, in Session 3.

In addition to the effects of ketamine, it’s important to note the side effects, too. Nearly all medications have side effects, and ketamine is no exception. It’s crucial you and your doctor discuss all possible effects from a ketamine treatment. From dizziness to impacts on your cardiovascular system, Dr. Dom points out the most common side effects of ketamine in Session 4. He ends the session by sharing the red flags to look out for when considering a ketamine infusion provider.

If you think you or your loved one is a candidate for ketamine treatment, finding the right provider is your next step. In our final session, Dr. Dom walks you through best practices for finding the right clinic, figuring out treatment costs, and preparing for your first ketamine treatment.

This educational series breaks down nearly everything you need to know about ketamine treatment - and if you have more questions, check out our Ask the Doctor schedule to ask one of our very own MedCircle doctors your specific question about ketamine treatment.


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