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Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Committing To Mental Wellness

6 Sessions

He’s faced childhood trauma & overcome many misdiagnoses. The founder of the mental health nonprofit NoStigmas shares his own story in this enlightening series.

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6 Sessions

He’s faced childhood trauma & overcome many misdiagnoses. The founder of the mental health nonprofit NoStigmas shares his own story in this enlightening series.

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About the Series

Jacob Moore is a suicide awareness speaker, a mental health advocate, and the founder of the nonprofit organization NoStigmas. He leads his mental health organization from a place of experience. He’s faced childhood trauma and overcome many mental health obstacles. Now, he teaches others how to manage their own mental health struggles in this enlightening series.

For a long time I was just dependent on the doctors. I was dependent on the drugs. I was dependent on alcohol, on sex, on all these different things to cope. The big shift for me was getting out of this cycle of playing the blame game.

Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore

Who is this series for?

This series is for anyone who has been impacted by childhood trauma - whether it’s the sufferer themselves or the loved ones supporting them.

Some of What You Will Learn

  • The consequences of childhood trauma.

  • The importance of early treatment for those impacted by trauma.

  • Jacob's Five Bridges of Mental Wellness.

  • The importance of personal responsibility in ones recovery.

  • Understanding that you can overcome trauma and lead a purposeful life.

I learned about NoStigmas a few years ago and was excited to finally learn more about Jake’s story and his personal journey. Thank you for doing this series.

Melody F.

Melody F.

Session Overview

  • Session1

    Childhood Trauma: How Jake Coped with Family Mental Health Struggles

    In our first session, Jake talks about his father’s mental health struggles, and how it impacted the lives of his family members. Find out how a 6-year-old Jake felt when he learned of his father’s suicide. Learn what behaviors followed Jake in the aftermath of that trauma. Jake discusses why it is difficult for a person who has experienced trauma to feel “mentally present.” Jake explains why he believes that a child can feel trauma in the womb. This session literally puts the viewer in Jake’s footsteps, and you will feel what it is like to live in trauma.

  • Session2

    How Jake Worked Through Suicidal Thinking & Depression

    In this session, Jake explains the importance of addressing the trauma as soon as possible. Learn what resources he had available to him to help him navigate through this terribly painful and dark place that was his life. Find out what Jake means when he says, “Your brain lies to you.” What event happened to Jake to make him suddenly understand and forgive his father’s suicide? It is a compelling moment.

  • Session3

    How Jake Navigated an Ineffective Mental Health Care System

    Jake discusses the many times he had been misdiagnosed. As we’ve seen in other MedCircle series, mental health disorders can exhibit similar symptoms. Sometimes it takes awhile to get the correct diagnosis. Listen to his account of how many healthcare providers he has seen, and how many drugs he was prescribed in a 10-year period. Find out why it is so important to find the right doctor for your symptoms. Drugs may be very beneficial in treating mental health disorders, such as bipolar disorder. However, Jake takes us through his experience with medications — some good, some bad. Discover what ACT is, and how Jake uses this in his wellness program. Jake also speaks about taking personal ownership of your condition. Learn how he did just that.

  • Session4

    Jake's 5 Key Strategies to Maintaining Mental Health

    In this session, Jacob discusses mindfulness and what you can do to maintain mental wellness. Medications are needed with certain mental health disorders, but find out what else you can do to maintain mental wellness. Jake has some very interesting information on what he does on a daily basis to keep himself balanced and healthy. Learn what works for him, and what may work for you.

  • Session5

    How the Nonprofit NoStigmas is Improving Mental Health Support

    There may be no bigger roadblock to seeking help for mental health support than the stigma attached to mental illness. It is time to come forward and discuss mental health in a non-judgmental, honest discourse. Jake explains what the NoStigma Organization is, its components, and why he started this helpful organization. Discover the importance of peer support in treating your mental health issues and why it works.

  • Session6

    How Jacob Moore Finds Purpose & Maintains Mental Wellness

    Happiness and wellbeing are not always easy to achieve. Jake takes us through his process of trying to be his own mood stabilizer. Jake discusses his combination of treatment techniques that he uses to maintain his mental wellness. Find out what works for him, and if it can work for you. Trauma can happen to anyone at anytime, but it does not have to destroy your inner core. Jake Moore’s journey is inspirational. He, like many others, has had to deal with the impact of trauma in his life, but it is a continuing process to maintain his mental wellbeing — and it is a very hopeful journey he has shared.


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