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How to Help a Hoarder: The Signs & Strategies

  • Hoarders: There Are Millions in the U.S. When Does It Become an Issue?

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  • 1
    Hoarding 101: How to Tell When It’s More Than Being Cluttered
  • 2
    Why Do People Hoard? (Causes + Risk Factors)
  • 3
    How to Spot the Hidden Signs of Hoarding Disorder
  • 4
    How to Convince a Hoarder to See a Professional
  • 5
    These Are the Steps to Diagnosing Hoarding Disorder
  • 6
    The 6 Steps of Hoarding Disorder Treatment (& How to Find the Right Doctor)
  • 7
    The 3 Signs a Hoarder Has Recovered (& How to Prevent Relapse)

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When does being cluttered or “collecting” become full-blown hoarding? Why do people hoard in the first place? It’s more pervasive than you think: it affects twice the number of Americans that suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

In this groundbreaking new series, leading psychologist and hoarding expert Dr. Jenny Yip breaks down the basics of the disorder. She kicks off the series by sharing the surprising behaviors you may not know are signs of hoarding.

Not only are the signs and symptoms unexpected - they are also often hidden. Hoarding is a surprisingly secretive disorder, so Dr. Yip explains how you can spot the signs, even if you haven’t been exposed to the hoarding or the hoarder’s home firsthand.

Another mystery surrounding hoarding disorder is why people hoard in the first place - so Dr. Yip sheds light on the causes and risk factors of hoarding disorder.

Seeking a professional for hoarding disorder is an entirely different challenge. Dr. Yip shares crucial advice on how to use motivational interviewing to convince a hoarder to see a professional.

But what happens once you and your loved one are at the doctor’s office? Hoarding disorder is, more often than not, sensationalized by the media. So the actual criteria that mental health professionals use to diagnose hoarding disorder are very different than you think. Dr. Yip walks through how to actually spot those criteria. She also runs through the specific steps that hoarding experts like herself take in order to diagnose hoarding disorder in a patient.

Dr. Jenny Yip ends this eye-opening series with crucial information treatment and long-term management tips for hoarding disorder. Recovery from hoarding disorder is very possible. But a hoarder cannot do it on their own. Dr. Yip walks through the steps of hoarding disorder treatment, and how long the treatment process takes. She also explains how to avoid the key obstacles to recovery from hoarding disorder.

Dr. Yip leaves you, the viewer, with the signs that a hoarder has recovered, how can you spot a relapse, and how to prevent relapse in the first place. This Premium Series is the first of its kind to educate, rather than sensationalize, hoarding disorder.


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