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Ginger Zee: Weathering Depression & Finding Help at a Psychiatric Hospital

  • Ginger Zee: Weathering Depression & Finding Help at a Psychiatric Hospital

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  • 1
    What Depression Feels Like for Ginger Zee (& How She Finds Purpose)
  • 2
    Ginger on Growing Up with Depression & Talking Mental Health with Her Kids
  • 3
    What Ginger Zee Learned from Enduring an Abusive Relationship
  • 4
    How Ginger Zee's Psych Ward Stay Changed Her Life
  • 5
    Ginger Zee's Steps to Dealing with a Depressive Episode

Ginger Zee is the chief meteorologist at Good Morning America and ABC News. So she predicts weather for a living. But, according to her New York Times bestselling book, it hasn’t been as easy to predict her mental health journey. Her memoir “Natural Disaster: I Cover Them, I Am One,” details her unexpected swings into what she calls “a black hole of depression.” After overcoming an abusive relationship and admitting herself to a psychiatric hospital, Ginger is successfully managing her own mental health.

In addition to working as the first female chief meteorologist for a major network, Ginger is a doting mother. Even though mental health wasn’t acknowledged or discussed during Ginger’s own hectic childhood, she stresses the importance of emphasizing mental and emotional health with her children in Session 2.

Ginger mentions that she’s thankful for her parents’ divorce because of the life lessons she learned as a result. That’s not the only obstacle she’s glad she faced. Ginger says she’s even grateful for an emotionally abusive relationship she endured. All of Ginger’s relationships - including her marriage to now-husband Ben Aaron - have taught her how to recognize a healthy relationship, and how to maintain mental health along the way. She details the impact of her relationships on her mental health in Session 3.

In 2011, Ginger was working at a Chicago news station. She was at a mental health standstill. She was self-medicating with wine nearly every day to cope with her depression. She was barely getting by. Right before Ginger started her new job as a weekend meteorologist at Good Morning America, she committed herself to a psychiatric hospital for 7 days. She says that stay was life-changing - and absolutely vital to her successful trajectory toward mental wellness. She details the ups and downs of this psychiatric stay in Session 4.

Today, Ginger excels at her career and leads a fulfilling family life. She appears to be the picture of happiness - but this takes work. Even today, she continues to proactively face her bouts of depression. Armed with the self-help tools she learned in the psychiatric hospital, and the many lessons she learned from past life obstacles, she is successfully managing her mental health. She details the strategies she uses to stay mentally healthy in our final session.


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