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Freedom From OCD

  • Living with OCD: How You Can Stop "Suffering in Silence"

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    OCD 101: Why It’s the “Doubting Disease”
  • 2
    Here's What OCD Symptoms Look & Feel Like
  • 3
    OCD Treatment: Here Are the Steps to Manage It Effectively
  • 4
    How to Properly Support an OCD Sufferer
  • 5
    What It's Like to Grow Up With OCD

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder affects 1 in 50 people, and experts estimate that less than 10% of those suffering receive any treatment. At the same time, almost half of all OCD sufferers had the condition in childhood, though it likely wasn't recognized because of the stigmatized portrayal of OCD in society & in the media. World-renowned OCD expert Dr. Jenny Yip sat down for a full series dedicated to erasing that stigma through in-depth education on everything you need to know about the condition. She even shares her own personal struggle with the disorder and the tools she used to overcome it.


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