Debunking Depression

  • Why Depression Should Be Considered "the Mental Flu"

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  • EP 1
    Depression 101: Why It's So Different From Normal Sadness
  • EP 2
    Depression Causes, Risk Factors, & How to Prevent It
  • EP 3
    Is Someone You Love Depressed? How to Spot the Signs
  • EP 4
    How to Get the Right Depression Diagnosis & Why It's Tricky
  • EP 5
    The Ins & Outs of Finding the Best Depression Treatment
  • EP 6
    3 Quick Tips for Helping A Depressed Loved One

Dr. Sue Varma

Depression is considered one of the leading causes of disability by the World Health Organization, affecting over 300 million people around the world - and only 1/3 of those who actually seek a proper diagnosis are able to get any treatment. Why is such a pervasive disease so thoroughly misunderstood? In this 7-episode series, Dr. Sue Varma does a deep-dive on all aspects of depression and, in doing so, helps eradicate the long-standing stigma surrounding depression. Even viewers who aren't ​clinically​ depressed will walk away with actionable advice for living optimally & harnessing their hardwired nature to be happy.


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