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Avoidant Personality Disorder: Finding Relief from Fear of Humiliation

  • What It Looks Like When Shyness Impedes Everyday Life

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  • 1
    APD 101: Understanding the Constant Fear of Being Humiliated
  • 2
    APD Risk Factors: the Causes of Chronic Self-Consciousness
  • 3
    How to Spot the 7 Traits of Avoidant Personality Disorder (APD)
  • 4
    How to Find a Doctor That Someone with APD Can Trust
  • 5
    APD Treatment: How to Alleviate Social Fear & Anxiety
  • 6
    APD Long-Term: What Progress Should Look Like & How to Maintain It
  • 7
    How to Support a Loved One with Avoidant Personality Disorder

Dr. Ramani DurvasulaLink forward arrow

Have you ever felt self-conscious or afraid of embarrassing yourself? These are common feelings. But imagine if these feelings became so persistent that they severely impeded every single social interaction. It’s more than just self-consciousness. But this pattern can be mended through the right education - which is what this series provides. Throughout these seven episodes, Dr. Ramani breaks down why those with avoidant personality disorder are at risk for other illnesses and unhealthy relationships, the APD causes and risk factors you should be aware of, and how to spot the seven traits of APD. She also explains how to find a professional that someone with APD can trust and how to alleviate social fear and anxiety through APD treatment. Additionally, Dr. Ramani sheds light on what treatment progress should look like and how to maintain it. She ends the series with key strategies for supporting someone with avoidant personality disorder. This series contains the tools you need to find relief from fear of humiliation.


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