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Anxiety & Sleep: Hitting Snooze on Stress & Becoming Well-Rested

  • Can't Sleep? 60+ Million Americans Can't Either. Here’s How to Cope

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  • 1
    REM Sleep: The Science of Sleep & How It Affects Us
  • 2
    Sleep Problems: The Signs It’s a Disorder & What to Do About It
  • 3
    Recap: When Does Anxiety Become a Problem?
  • 4
    What Comes First, Stress or Sleep Issues? [Causes + Prevention Tips]
  • 5
    These Are the Signs Anxiety Is Impacting Your Sleep
  • 6
    How to Fall Asleep [Self-Help Strategies]
  • 7
    Insomnia & Anxiety Treatment Options: How to Find the Right Care
  • 8
    How to Find the Right Professional for Sleep Disorders & Anxiety

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Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. More than 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders - and another 20 million have trouble sleeping in general. And those are just the people who have actually reported sleep issues. We all can relate to having trouble falling asleep because, according to Dr. Judith Joseph, everyone has some degree of stress or anxiety in their lives. Our sit-down with Dr. Joseph will give you the tools to deal with that stress and anxiety and overcome insomnia. First, you’ll learn about the science of sleep, when sleep issues become an actual sleep disorder, and why stress can affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. You’ll also learn self-help strategies for getting a good night’s sleep, how to find the right sleep specialist, and all the treatment options available for anxiety and sleep disorders. This educational series will teach you how to cope with stress and sleep soundly.


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