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Certain Types of Breast Cancer More Responsive to Chemotherapy: Study

Researchers recently found that specific breast cancer tumors are more receptive to chemotherapy, which means those patients may have better clinical outcomes....Read more

FDA Approves Anti-Seizure Medication for Use in Young Patients

An anti-seizure drug has been approved for use in children with epilepsy. The FDA has expanded clearance to use the medication, eslicarbazepine acetate...Read more

Patients Who Receive Kidney Transplants from Male Donors Have Higher Risk of UTI

Kidney transplants may lead to an frequent complication: urinary tract infections. And the gender of the kidney donor makes a difference. A recent study found...Read more

Depression Linked to Long-Term Opioid Use in Female Veterans

It’s no surprise that opioid use is linked to depression. Recent research found that long-term opioid use affects men and women about the same when it comes to...Read more