Family Vacations That Are Fun for All


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MONDAY, Nov. 20, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Taking a family vacation is a great way to have quality time, but going on a trip that each family member will enjoy takes some planning.

Consider choices for an activity-oriented trip. Besides health benefits, vacations make great memories when everyone participates. Start by getting the whole family involved. Show photos of possible destinations to younger kids and let older ones offer their opinions on where to go.

For a beach holiday, look for a resort that also offers options such as tennis lessons, fishing trips and water activities like kayaking. For a skiing adventure, look for one with lots of winter activities, from sledding to ice skating, so that you have different options each day.

City destinations can involve trips to parks and the zoo, as well as the museums and historic sites that might top Mom's and Dad's list of things to do.

If you're looking at cruises or family-style resorts, keep in mind that some all-inclusive vacation packages might pack in more than your family can handle -- and at a greater cost than you want to pay. Even if the financial budget isn't a problem, make sure there are some free spaces in the schedule for downtime.

Make getting to your destination fun so that no one arrives in a bad mood. Have books, pocket-sized games and devices for listening to music or podcasts in your airplane carry-on bag or in the car for road trips.

And pack a healthy lunch and snacks to keep everyone fueled.

Finally, don't let the change in scenery disrupt all your usual routines. Keep the same home rules and make sure kids and parents alike get enough sleep so that you'll enjoy every day of your getaway.

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