What is MedCircle?

MedCircle is a private and secure network that enables members to connect and engage with healthcare providers (HCPs) using a desktop computer or mobile device.

MedCircle allows members to follow HCPs so that they can receive trusted and verified health related content on topics that interest them. HCPs may share third-party content or create their own original content.

Members can also invite friends and family to join MedCircle. Members can communicate and share information through private communication channels with other members in their network.

How do I create my MedCircle account?

If you have already downloaded the app in the App Store or in Google Play, open the app and follow the prompts provided.

You can also create an account online from your desktop, by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Member Sign-Up screen at http://www.medcircle.com.
  2. Please supply the required information. You can create an account with either your Google or Facebook profile. You can also create an account using your email address.

How can I follow an HCP?

You can follow an HCP by searching for them by name.

  1. Click on the Health Network tab located at the top of the news feed.
  2. Make sure you’re in the Providers tab, then type in the name of the HCP that you’d like to follow.
  3. Once the HCP profile is located, click on their name and then click on the Follow button in the top right of their profile.

If you come across an HCP in your feed, click on their name and you will then be taken to their profile page, where you can then select to follow them.

Can I follow any HCP in MedCircle?

Yes, you can follow any approved HCP on MedCircle.

Where and when will I see new content?

You can expect to see updates to your feed daily. In addition to content posted and shared by HCPs, MedCircle also receives content from multiple trusted and verified health information news sources.

The frequency of updates from HCPs will depend on the HCPs you follow. Generally, an HCP will post content at least once or twice a week.

What kind of content does MedCircle provide?

MedCircle leverages a combination of curation software and medical experts to identify, screen and select content. We track everything from journals to news media sites for articles, studies, videos and graphics. Our medical experts review all the content and send only items that they have vetted for relevance and accuracy. MedCircle also provides access to UpToDate's consumer database.

UpToDate is a highly regarded provider of medical content for HCPs and consumers.

How do I choose topics about which I would like to to receive content?

You will be asked to select topics when you first create your MedCircle account. You can also add or remove topics at any time by going to the Topics section located in the toolbar.

Can I save content items for later use or reference?

Yes. MedCircle provides a My Library feature that allows you to save any item, at any time. To save an item, just click on the Save icon at the bottom of the article.

How do I share content with my friends?

You can share an article via Facebook, email or text using the Share icon, located immediately below the article.

Where can I see all my current MedCircle friends?

You can see all of your current connections on MedCircle by going to the Friends section in the main toolbar.

How do I communicate with my friends?

Communicating with your friends on MedCircle is easy. You can send messages to to anyone in your Friends list by hovering over their name and then selecting Message to communicate with them.

To see a history of all your messages, go to the Messages section located in the top toolbar.

Can I message my HCPs?

You may communicate with HCPs that you follow. However, in order to communicate with them, the HCP must initiate the conversation. Members cannot initiate a conversation with an HCP.

How do I know that a MedCircle HCP is legitimate?

All HCPs on MedCircle must verify their identity and credentials. After providing the required information during sign-up, the MedCircle team then reviews and determines whether to allow the HCP into the MedCircle network.

How is my privacy protected?

Privacy is a top priority for MedCircle and we will never share any of your private information. In addition, all of the topics and HCPs that you follow will remain confidential. Have comfort knowing that you can share information and communicate on a secure and safe platform.