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Workplace Stress & Mental Health for Bosses, Employees, & Loved Ones


In this week’s Ask the Doctor LIVE, Dr. Ramani details what you need to know about managing workplace stress and mental health issues.

Our first caller asks Dr. Ramani how he can create a workplace environment that is conducive to his employees’ mental health. Dr. Ramani provides actionable tips for making sure employees can stay mentally healthy.

Another caller asks how to handle a boss whose mood is hot-and-cold—and how to cope with the days where his boss is especially difficult to be around.

Dr. Ramani also gives key advice on how to maintain work-life balance after moving to a new city for a job—and how to make sure you meet new people and expand your horizons beyond just your coworkers.

Additionally, Dr. Ramani explains how to help a co-worker who is overly stressed but doesn’t feel comfortable telling her supervisors. How can employees be honest about stress and anxiety in the workplace without experiencing some sort of backlash or negative impact to their job?

Whether you’re a manager, an employee, or looking for advice for your loved one at work, this call is for you.



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