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Substance Abuse Signs, Affordable Addiction Programs, Support Strategies, & More


In this week’s Ask The Doctor LIVE, Dr. Judy Ho answers a multitude of questions on substance use disorders. She kicks off the call by explaining how ketamine works for substance abuse, and breaks down what the latest research says about incorporating ketamine into a treatment plan for depression, anxiety, and addictions.

Dr. Judy also shares her thoughts on helping a friend who is in recovery from a substance use disorder, and how to support them after treatment both in the short- and long-term. She even explains what NOT to do when supporting that loved one - and how to avoid micromanaging or pressuring their recovery.

Many supporters of people who are recovered from a substance use disorder - especially when it comes to alcohol use - feel awkward inviting that person to social situations. It’s difficult for a supporter to understand the triggers of a substance use disorder. Dr. Judy highlights how to healthily and effectively navigate that tricky process.

When it comes to addiction treatment, there is a misconception that rehab programs are too expensive. However, there are addiction treatment programs that are covered for insurance. Dr. Judy explains how to find those programs - and even how to find scholarship programs for the more-expensive treatment options.

Here are some additional highlights from this week’s call:

  • What are the signs of a high-functioning alcoholic?
  • When does drinking a few casual drinks after work turn into a potential substance use disorder?
  • How can the loved one of a pregnant woman who has a drinking problem approach the situation in a safe and effective way?
  • What outpatient treatment options are available for someone with a substance use disorder?
  • Drugs and alcohol are often referenced in entertainment and pop culture. What mental health impact can this have on children and teenagers who are
  • listening to or watching that content?
  • What are the signs of substance abuse in my child or teenager? When are these behaviors a sign of an even bigger mental health issue?
  • Can childhood medications lead to drug abuse later on in life?
  • What are some drug and substance use trends in today’s culture that parents and loved ones should be aware of?

This Ask the Doctor LIVE is one you don’t want to miss.



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