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How to Stop Emotional Eating, Why Multitasking Causes Anxiety, & More


In this week’s Ask the Doctor Session, Dr. Judy Ho talks all things depression and anxiety. She kicks off the call with advice on how to replace emotional eating with healthier, more productive coping mechanisms - and how to ensure you actually stick to those healthier strategies. She also sheds light on why depression is more common in women than in men, what steps to take if you think you have treatment-resistant depression, and how heavy the genetic influence is when it comes to passing on depression to your children.

Other topics Dr. Ho covers:

  • Can depression go away on its own?
  • What therapies are best for managing different types of clinical depression? (Electroconvulsive therapy or ECT, cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, acceptance & commitment therapy or ACT, and more)
  • How can someone help a child through the death of a parent or loved one?
  • What are the signs of depression you can look out for in a child (and as he or she grows older)?
  • Aside from medication, what treatment options are available for anxiety and stress?
  • What is neurofeedback/neurotherapy and how does it help?

If you suffer from, or know someone who suffers from, depression and anxiety, this Session is for you.



Some of What You Will Learn

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