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Healthy Relationships & Attachment Styles: Q&A

January 2, 2020

Mental health inherently impacts our relationships. Additionally, our upbringing majorly influences our attachment styles in those relationships. Improving any relationship in your life begins with understanding your own attachment style.

So this week, Triple Board Certified neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho walks through key strategies for managing your attachment style and improving your relationships with your family, friends, and spouse.

Some highlights from this session include…

    li>The types of attachment style and how to tell whether you have a healthy attachment style
  • How different attachment styles manifest in adulthood
  • How to repair a relationship with a parent in adulthood even if they did not have a healthy attachment to that parent growing up
  • How certain personality disorders impact attachment style and the health of a romantic relationship
  • How Dr. Judy’s treatment style changes depending on her patient’s attachment style

This session is incredibly insightful for anyone looking to improve or maintain a relationship, and set themselves up for success in all of their relationships!



Some of What You Will Learn

      Session Overview

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