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Codependency, Overparenting, Toxic Relationships, & More

October 25, 2019

Mental illness impairs a sufferer’s ability to relate to other people in family and work environments. Whether it be our relationships with coworkers, friends, or loved ones, understanding how to navigate mental health issues once they start to affect our relationships is a crucial stepping stone on the road to recovery. So on this week’s Ask the Doctor LIVE, Dr. Ramani answers questions on relationships and mental health.

Key takeaways from this week’s call include the following:

  • How to open up to a conservative parent about a mental health issue
  • How to tell if a friend is in a codependent relationship - especially if they start shutting you out of their life
  • The signs that being “too dominant” in a relationship is becoming an unhealthy imbalance
  • The signs a parent-child relationship goes from being “overprotective” to toxic
  • How birth trauma and perinatal mental health issues affect the mother’s ability to attach to the newborn
  • How to confront a friend living with bipolar disorder who has an unaddressed substance abuse problem

This week’s call features indispensable strategies for handling common and not-so-common relationship issues with family, friends, and coworkers.



Some of What You Will Learn

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