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Back to School Mental Health Strategies


It’s that time of year! As children and teenagers go back to school, mental health symptoms might flare up. That’s where Ask The Doctor LIVE comes in - our MedCircle doctors are here to help you manage those symptoms in a healthy, effective way. On this week’s call, Dr. Dom discusses back to school best practices when it comes to mental health.

Some highlights from this week’s call include:

  • How can a teenager with ADHD who is entering high school start off 9th grade with his best foot forward?
  • What are some actionable strategies for maintaining my own mental health as I enter medical school?
  • Why does my 5-year-old daughter get so anxious about leaving me to go to school and how do I make that “handoff” easier?
  • What is separation anxiety and how do I help my child recover from it?
  • My son is oversleeping and seems “down”, what are the signs he might be getting bullied at school? What can I do to address this symptom of sleeping too much?
  • What are Dr. Dom’s thoughts on the phenomenon of college students taking unprescribed Adderall, Ritalin, and other psychostimulants/medications for tests and exams?
  • I think I might have borderline personality disorder (BPD). What steps do I take next and where do I go from here? The advice I have been given by my therapists so far is very high-level, so is there a specialist I can go to?
  • Why is it so important to get a mental health diagnosis from a professional that you don’t know on a personal level? How can emotional bias get in the way of the diagnostic process?

This week’s Ask the Doctor call is a must-listen for parents whose children are gearing up to go back to school.



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