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MedCircle Provides Information You Can Trust – Anywhere, Anytime

Our team of medical experts individually reviews every source of health information for accuracy and quality. We evaluate thousands of news sources and websites for health-related content and select only the most reputable ones to bring you quality content.



  • How does MedCircle get its content?

    We review thousands of websites and sources that provide health information and filter those down to the most respected and trusted. Each source is rated on trust, accuracy and quality of content. Our content is pulled only from the highest rated, verified sources and handpicked for you based on your topics of interest. Before any piece of content is delivered to you, it is manually reviewed by healthcare professionals.

  • How is MedCircle better for looking up information than Google or other search engines?

    Health information is important. Our priority is making sure that the information you need isn’t lost in the sea of irrelevant content that clutters the web. Our platform only delivers the information you select to follow, directly into your own personal feed. You can also privately share that content with your network on MedCircle.

  • How does MedCircle make it simple for you?

    We know you’re busy. MedCircle provides you with relevant and accurate health information that you can access anytime, anywhere. All the content you select to follow is delivered straight into your MedCircle feed and is easily available on your desktop or mobile device.

  • How is MedCircle private and secure?

    Unlike other social media platforms where everyone knows everything about you, we have made your privacy a priority at MedCircle. You don’t have to tell anyone which health topics and healthcare providers you are following. We strongly believe that your health interests are private and you should not be obligated to share any of it.

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