Our Purpose

To provide consumers with the latest mental health information from the most trusted websites - along with expert videos and interviews with passionate mental health professionals.

The MedCircle Digest delivers this compelling content directly to your inbox - based upon the preferences and topics you select.

The Problem

Access to the expertise of mental health professionals has become increasingly difficult and too expensive. Google searches do not guarantee credentialed content and WebMD is just a single source of information. Consumers want to easily receive the latest and most trusted content from multiple sources - delivered in the easy to read MedCircle Digest.

How we solve it

  • We use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms augmented with human intelligence to ensure your MedCircle Digest delivers you the most relevant content based upon your preferences.

  • We review and curate articles from over 100 of the most trusted mental health websites and deliver the best articles to your inbox - using our easy to read MedCircle Digest.

  • MedCircle also provides you with expert videos and interviews from a passionate team of mental health experts.