MedCircle: The Most Trusted Source For Mental Health Education Videos

The Most Trusted Source For Mental Health Education

For patients, supporters and healthcare workers

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MedCircle Educational Series

Weekly Educational Series

Every Sunday we start the week with a new in-depth video interview featuring one of our MedCircle Doctors OR Patient Heroes.

We cover the most frequently asked questions around mental health that matter to you, the patient, the supporter & the healthcare worker.

Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor

Every Thursday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST we wrap up the week with our “Ask The Doctor” LIVE call-in sessions.

Now you can ask one of our MedCircle Doctors your most pressing questions to which you’ve been seeking answers.

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    What Our Doctors Say
  • “Searching the Internet can often yield incomplete or inaccurate information. And we need to make sure people are receiving scientific and actionable education. Thanks to MedCircle, I can finally help educate millions of patients, parents, supporters, and healthcare workers in a way that I normally wouldn't have been able to see.”
    Dr. Judy HoDr. Judy Ho
  • “MedCircle is a must-have companion for patients, parents, supporters, and healthcare professionals. Being well educated on the latest developments in mental health care can make a big difference in someone’s life.”
    Dr. Domenick SportelliDr. Domenick Sportelli
  • “Millions of patients (and their supporters) are suffering, and in many cases, they know very little about their own mental health. MedCircle demystifies various conditions and sheds light on potential treatments while providing in-depth educational interviews in an accessible and affordable manner.”
    Dr. Ramani DurvasulaDr. Ramani Durvasula
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    What Our Members Say
  • “For over two years, I was misdiagnosed and was beginning to lose hope. I joined MedCircle about a month ago and I was finally able to find the right type of mental health provider & diagnosis. I am now correctly diagnosed and on my way to a better life.”
  • “I want to thank MedCircle for helping me better understand bipolar disorder and better assist my students. The weekly in-depth educational video interview series gave me the knowledge and answers to serve my special education students in a way that I was unable to do so before.”
  • “We have a family history of clinical depression, but I was hesitant to seek help as I just didn't know where to start. After watching a few of the Sunday educational series, I gained the confidence to seek out help for child. The Weekly “Ask The Doctors” Sessions are extremely engaging and a great way to easily get answers to my questions.”
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